Your Application + CodeLift = Instant Docker

Booz Allen and Docker Catalyzing Containerization with Open Source:
Exciting news coming in May 2017

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Three clicks to Docker.
Simple. Automated. Fast.

CodeLift's code analysis engine follows a simple process to go from source code to Docker app in seconds.

  • Select

    Select applications from your favorite repo or connect via your favorite IDE. CodeLift pulls in your application, you select the branch and go.

  • Build

    CodeLift's advanced analysis engine quickly scans your code base and generates a Dockerfile, docker-compose.yml, and others that are optimized for your application.

  • Deploy

    Simply click a button and CodeLift will build your Docker image. Once your image has been built, you can then deploy it to Docker Hub, Docker Cloud, or Amazon EC2 Container Service. More deployment options in future releases.